EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Borneo natives embarrass Taib's obediant Norwegian servant

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Borneo natives embarrass Taib's obediant Norwegian servant

Norwegian Sarawak Energy CEO holding the prayer session for Baram dam

We would like to share with you an exceptional video of which the Bruno Manser Fund has got hold. It shows villagers from the Baram region of Sarawak in a boat protest against a prayer session organized by Sarawak Energy under its Norwegian CEO Torstein Dale Sjotveit on 21st April 2012. The controversial prayer session should have blessed the planned 1,000 MW Baram dam in the tropical rainforests of Sarawak, East Malaysia.

The indigenous protesters are tirelessly shouting “Stop Baram dam!” or “Damn the dam” while the representatives of Sarawak Energy and the Sarawak state government are abusing the traditional “Mayau Dalleh” prayer ritual to promote their dam plans.

“We the people of Baram don’t want this mighty dam. The people of Bakun are suffering, the people of Batang Ai are suffering because of the dam. Baram dam is not a gift from god, it is a curse from hell. We don’t want the Baram dam!”, explained the protesters their concerns.


Will Torstein Dale Sjotveit listen to the Sarawak natives? What will the public in Norways say when they see their compatriot in this video?


The communities displaced by the Murum Dam are still waiting to receive farmland – NGOs are now asking Britain’s Princess Anne for help as she visited dam builder Sarawak Energy in late 2016




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