New film documents struggle against Sarawak's dams

New film documents struggle against Sarawak's dams

A scene from the documentary: indigenous leaders confront the CEO of the International Hydropower Associatoin (IHA)

The Bruno Manser Fund has today released the documentary “Save Sarawak.Stop the Dams”. The film is a witness to the struggle against a series of mega-dams currently being implemented by the Sarawak government on indigenous lands.

Filmmaker Linus Chung followed the activities of SAVE Rivers, the local network of communities who oppose the dams, with his camera. With several interviews, he gives a voice to the people affected by the dams. The film also shows the powerful activities that SAVE Rivers have undertaken at the congress of the International Hydropower Association (IHA), an industry body promoting hydropower, in May this year in Kuching. The indigenous peoples were not scared to confront the representatives of the IHA. The film shows the strength of the growing opposition to the dams in Sarawak.

Inspiring blockades against the Murum and Baram dams starting from September or October, respectively, followed these protests and are still challenging the government’s plans to build these dams.

Watch the documentary "Save Sarawak.Stop the Dams": www.youtube.com/watch?v=wewbJbo7I1Q


Large dams can only serve as last resort, acknowledged the Malaysian Ministry of the Environment.




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