Malaysian Embassies worldwide received message to end human rights violations at Murum Dam

Malaysian Embassies worldwide received message to end human rights violations at Murum Dam

The German NGO Rainforest Rescue handed over the letter to the Malaysian Embassy in Berlin

Yesterday, 16 Malaysian Embassies worldwide received a letter signed by over 30 national, regional and international civil society groups concerning the worrying situation at the Murum Dam in Sarawak, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. The supporting organizations called on the Malaysian government to enter into good faith negotiations with the 1,500 Penan affected by the Murum Dam.

On November 11, the letter was sent to Malaysian Prime Minster Najib, who has not responded to the raised concerns so far.

A group of Penan, who were arrested on November 7 for blocking the access to the Murum Dam site, had to appear in the Court in Belaga today. The undersigning organizations call for an immediate dismissal of all criminal charges lodged against them. The Penan have only exercised their fundamental rights to free expression, association and assembly.

The Swedish-Swiss technology group ABB is involved in the Murum Dam as the Bruno Manser Fund reported last week. ABB is providing technical components such as the turbine governor to the project. The Bruno Manser Fund has asked ABB to clarify its role in Sarawak and to withdraw from all dam-related activities in Sarawak – ABB has not replied to the raised concerns so far.

The press release issued by International Rivers as well as the NGO letter can be found here: www.internationalrivers.org/resources/malaysian-embassies-worldwide-receive-message-indigenous-peoples%E2%80%99-rights-violations-at


The communities displaced by the Murum Dam are still waiting to receive farmland – NGOs are now asking Britain’s Princess Anne for help as she visited dam builder Sarawak Energy in late 2016




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