Murum Dam: International NGO coalition asks Malaysian PM to intervene

An international NGO coalition today issued a statement on the worrying human rights situation at the Murum Dam in Sarawak, Malayia.

1500 indigenous people are currently beeing resettled for the Murum Dam. Some have resisted their forced relocation and are blocking the access road to the dam. The police has been trying to isolate them, cut off food supplies and prevented human rights observers from accessing the area. Several people have been arrested including minors.

30 Malaysian and international NGOs have written to the Malaysian Prime Minister and have asked him to intervene at the Murum Dam to protect the rights of the affected communities. Prime Minister Najib Rzak has been called on to withdraw the police and allow human rights observers and lawyers to access the area. They furthermore ask for a temporary halt to the impoundment of the reservoir and respect for the demands of the affected communities.

The full letter and the list of all undersigning organisations is available on the website of International Rivers: www.internationalrivers.org/resources/human-rights-violations-at-murum-dam-site-urgent-concerns-8141


The communities displaced by the Murum Dam are still waiting to receive farmland – NGOs are now asking Britain’s Princess Anne for help as she visited dam builder Sarawak Energy in late 2016




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