Together we made a miracle happen! The people of the Baram Region stopped the Baram Dam in Northern Sarawak with the support of SAVE Rivers and the Bruno Manser Fund! In 2016, Sarawak's late Chief Minister Adenan Satem cancelled the Baram Dam due to public pressure and returned the land to the native owners.

The former Chief Minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud, had planned to build twelve hydroelectric dams, which would have had displaced tens of thousands of people and flooded large tracts of tropical rainforest. The dams would mainly have benefited a handful of companies linked to the Taib family, which control Sarawak's construction sector and holds a state-wide cement monopoly.

While the Murum Dam was completed and the Baleh Dam is currently under construction, the mega-dam trend was reversed in Sarawak with the cancellation of the Baram Dam. Thanks to a successful grassroots campaign, Sarawak is now implementing a rural electrification project instead of mega-dams.

We will keep up the pressure to make sure that the Sarawak government will not revive its dam plans!


Large dams can only serve as last resort, acknowledged the Malaysian Ministry of the Environment.





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